Friday, 6 May 2011

Turkey Gets Appalling Rankings in World Economic Forum Report

Remember all the hype about the supposedly "go-getting" Turkish economy? Here's the reality, according to the recently published World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report 2010-2011:

Turkey was ranked 71st in the report overall, out of 138 countries.

Turkey is ranked 135th out of 138 in press freedom.

Turkey is ranked 116th in the protection of intellectual property.

Turkey is ranked 82nd in judicial independence.

Turkey is ranked 94th in the quality of its education system, "98th in mathematical and scientific education quality and 89th in the quality of scientific institutions."



  1. Note Muslim Turks campaigning for Islamic jihad killer, BIN LADEN.

    (scroll down at link to 7th photo, Istanbul.)

    Perhaps these Muslim demonstrators, and burners of Western flags assume that their activity will get Turkey into the E.U.

  2. Thanks for the link. I'll make a new post about it.

  3. Europe always making big deal about TURKEY joining to EU.There is some minority ethnic groups complain against TURKEY like this articale and just want to proof somethink like Turkey bad country and etc.There is more problem in EU than turkey have problem inself.If you read this articale or what they try to proof is not more than minor problems in Turkey.We understand you have some back pain from history against OTTOMAN emp.Thats called history so Germans done more pain to europe than ottomans did in pass history,Why didnt you stop germany to be part of EU?If you talking about education system or freedom or maybe freedom of press?Well i lived in europe and America and I havent seen any freedom at all about those areas.Sex is free ,drug is free and alchol is free but anythink else isnt free in europe.Stop mocking on TURKEY and look what stuation in EU now.Eu system is failing and you guys are all so proud of fail system?There is only few people realy want to join EU and most dont even want your fail UNION.

  4. I curse the comment about Turkish peoples feeling about Bin Ladin. Most of the Turkish people hate and curse all terrorist activies including El Kaide.
    I want you to google about the terrorist activities of El Kaide in Turkey. You will find that one of the biggest and comprehensive operations against El Kaide was conducted by Turkish law enforcement organizations.