Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Turkey Shifts Controversial Austrian Ambassador To Israel

The Turkish government has announced that its controversial ambassador to Austria, Kadri Tezcan, is to be transferred to Israel, with its current Israeli ambassador moving the other way.

Kadri Tezcan provoked intense anger in Austria through an interview he gave to an Austrian newspaper last year in which he made bold criticisms of Austria's integration policy and accused Austrians of "not being interested in other cultures except when they go on holiday."

The interview provoked demands for Tezcan to be sent home or recalled. When Austrian President Gul visited Austria recently, the politicians of some of Austria's political parties refused to participate in the ceremonies, declaring that Austria's relations with Turkey could not be on a friendly footing until Tezcan was recalled.

The transfer of the diplomat is being interpreted as a sign of hostility to Israel. Tezcan is seen as a diplomatic "bruiser" and may provoke further controversy in future. The fact that the day of his transfer is the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara incident is also considered a deliberate, contemptuous gesture towards Israel.


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  1. It's Turkey's flotilla season against Israel again:

    "Gaza flotilla vow as thousands rally in Istanbul"



    "Israel prepares for Gaza flotilla to avoid deadly incident"