Saturday, 7 May 2011

Turkish President Calls Austrians of Turkish Descent "Our People"

Turkish President Abdullah Gul's three-day visit to Austria this week once again brought home to Austrians that the hundreds of thousands of people of Turkish descent living in their country are colonists rather immigrants. Gul referred to the 250,000 Turkish population living in Austria, including many who are Austrian citizens and whose families have been there for generations, as "our people".

This recalled the remarks of Turkey's ambassador to Austria, Kadri Ecvet Tezcan, last autumn, that he had a responsibility for the people of Turkish descent living there ("our people"), even when they held Austrian citizenship. The ambassador's remarks were extremely controversial and provoked demands for his recall. Representatives of some of Austria's political parties refused to attend any of the ceremonies marking the visit of the Turkish president this week for this reason, instead handing over a letter which demanded the recall of the ambassador and said that relations between Turkey and Austria could not be on a harmonious footing again while he was still in office.

Turkish-languaqe placards announcing the visit referred to Gul as "Our President". It is becoming increasingly obvious to Austrians that the Turks and people of Turkish descent living in their country have almost no sense of belonging to Austria. Even after multiple generations, many of them still struggle to speak German. No doubt this has something to do with their fixation on Turkish media. 76% of people of Turkish descent living in Austria watch Turkish television broadcast direct from Turkey almost every day.

The Turkish state's links to the Turkish diaspora are strong and abiding. The largest Turkish association in Austria, Atib, which boasts 70,000 members, maintains a network of mosques whose imams are sent from Turkey for five-year spells of service and whose salaries are paid directly by the Turkish government.

As an interesting illustration of the sinister reach and ambitions of the Turkish state, it is worth noting that the bizarre Turkish law that makes it a crime to insult Turkishness applies not just to Turkish citizens but to people of Turkish descent living anywhere in the world.

It is time the governments and people of Europe took note of the freakish neo-colonial attitude exhibited by Turkish immigrants and the Turkish state. These people are nothing less than a fifth column operating inside European societies on behalf of a manipulative foreign government. At present the problem mainly affects Germany and Austria but if Turkey is ever admitted to the European Union, we can be sure that sizeable Turkish fifth columns will be springing up all across the continent.

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  1. Whomever you are, all I can say is this , your blog is racist and you are decrease human being. I recommend you instead of proposing to discriminate Turks, you should try to educate yourself and let your pity mind to open up. Read history and learn, there are good eggs and bad ones for every nation, but opening up campaign and trying to attract sympathy to racist ideals, try to open up your mind and welcome others.
    How happy is the one who says "I am Turk