Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Turkish President Threatens Economic Repercussions if Austria Blocks Turkey's Entry to EU

Turkish President Abdullah Gül, on a state visit to Austria, has threatened economic repercussions if Austria blocks Turkey's accession to the EU. Despite being a relatively small country, Austria is the leading foreign investor in Turkey. Gul, like some petty Latin American dictator threatening to nationalise the "gringo" oil companies, now apparently sees the Austrian companies established there as hostages to be used to advance Turkey's geo-political agenda.

Of course Gül used coded language in the speech he delivered, but the meaning was clear:

The question should be asked whether the profits that Austrian firms are currently achieving, they will also be able to have in future if they do not cooperate with Turkey.

Gül also said that the European Union needed Turkey more than the other way around.


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