Sunday, 12 June 2011

AKP Denied Constitution-Changing Majority

It looks like the AKP has won 327 seats in the Turkish elections. It would have needed 330 to call a referendum to change the constitution and 367 to change the constitution directly from parliament. Of course it's still possible that the AKP will seek to change the constitution in cooperation with other parties.

In a way, I'm sorry they didn't get what they needed to change the constitution on their own because then they might have let the mask slip and we would have seen their true nature. With all pretence abandoned, even the dhim-wits in western governments might have been forced to confront reality. For now, though, it looks as though the game goes on.

Victory in the general election has given Turkey's ruling AK Party a strong mandate to pursue its reform agenda, but it will need to seek consensus to push through a planned new constitution.

Based on a preliminary count, Prime Minster Tayyip Erdogan's party scored some 50 percent of the vote, and was set to win around 327 seats in the 550-member parliament, less than the 330 needed to send a new constitution to a referendum.


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  1. 'Jihadwatch':

    "Turkey: Erdogan says his victory is a victory for Gaza, Palestine, and 'al-Quds'"


    "Erdogan didn't say 'Jerusalem'; he said "Kudüs" -- that is, 'al-Quds,' the Islamic name for Jerusalem."