Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Erdogan Claims the Economist is Israeli-Controlled

The Economist recently endorsed the main opposition party in Turkey, the CHP, in the hope that it would be able to provide a counterbalance to the AKP, which is expected to easily win the upcoming Turkish elections, and prevent it gaining the two-thirds majority that would allow it to amend the constitution.

Erdogan's response was predictably bitter, but also astonishingly childish for a supposed international statesman. He implied that the leader of the CHP had ties to the Economist and to Israel and that this influence is what had caused the Economist article to be written.

He linked The Economist to Israel and his political rival CHP chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu: "Obviously the greeting that the CHP chairman sent to Israel found its response. An international magazine, I announce its name too -- The Economist -- publishes an analysis. Not indirectly, but directly, it says 'Vote for CHP.' How careless is this? How tactless is this?"

Another leading AK Party candidate, former Interior Minister Besir Atalay, was quoted in the Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman saying "We all know about the impact of the Israeli lobby in international media institutions. I consider this a reflection of Turkey's policies in regards to Israel and the Palestinian people."

This is the kind of sick paranoia that is widespread in the autocracies of the Middle East. But Turkey is above all that, so modern and European, isn't it? Obviously not. Turkey is just a Middle Eastern Muslim country like any other. Erdogan's rhetoric is no different to what we would expect from someone like Ahmadinejad.



  1. "U.S. Government Cheers As Turkey Goes Islamist and Anti-American"

    {Excerpt from Barry Rubin's article]:

    "On Sunday, June 12, Turkey will hold what might well be its most important elections in modern history. It may also be the worst thing that’s happened to the country in modern history. If the current regime is reelected—and it could do so, given Turkey’s electoral system, with less than thirty percent of the vote, the emboldened Islamist regime will hit the accelerator in transforming Turkey into as much of an Islamist state as possible."