Monday, 20 June 2011

Is Angela Merkel Getting Ready to Betray Europe?

Michael Spreng, a German politics blogger has claimed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be getting ready to revise her policy on Turkish accession to the EU. Merkel has been extremely sceptical of Turkish EU membership thus far and has spoken of offering a "privileged partnership" instead. Now, claims this blogger, sources close to the Chancellor have given signals that she is getting ready to revise the policy towards an acceptance of Turkish membership. Spreng claims that the wave of Arab revolutions have convinced Merkel that Europe needs Turkey as an intermediary to the Middle East.

Spreng formerly worked as a journalist on the Bild newspaper and served as an election adviser to Edmund Stoiber, who preceded Angela Merkel as leader of the CSU/CDU and stood unsuccessfully for the German chancellorship. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that he has highly-placed contacts within the CDU/CSU hierarchy.

If the prediction proves to be an accurate one, it can be expected to cause major ruptures within the ruling CDU/CSU where scepticism of Turkey entry has long been deeply engrained.

Ironically, Angela Merkel recently acknowledged that immigrant-origin youth in Germany were disproportionately involved in violent crime; and most of those violently criminal youths are Turks.


  1. On the other hand, an interview with the Turkish ambassador to the EU, Selim Kuneralp, in this week's EUobserver, gives the distinct impression that Erdogan has given up on EU entry. Apparently Brussels will not be playing a great role in the creation of Turkey's new 'modern liberal' constitution.

  2. That's not surprising. Turkey will surely be a member of EU sooner or later. Sarkozy, Merkel and other short-sighted politicians are all small details in the history. However, the aging of Europe, its loss of dynamism and economic problems of countries like Greece, Portgual and Spain are ticking bombs under Europe.Then the more important question is, is Turkey going to accept to be a member of this sinking boat or would she rather continue to be the dominating powerhorse in the middle east? Time will tell.