Friday, 17 June 2011

Senior NATO Sources Confirm Turkey Has Stopped NATO Attacking Key Gaddafi Targets

In a Telegraph article today, Con Coughlin, the paper's military correspondent, often regarded as little more than a mouthpiece of the armed services, confirms that Turkey has stymied the effectiveness of the NATO military action in Libya.

That strained relationship was certainly in evidence at the start of the Libya crisis, when Ankara opposed Nato’s plans to launch a UN-backed military intervention to protect anti-Gaddafi rebels. Senior officers say the Turks have frequently intervened during the bombing offensive to prevent key Gaddafi targets from being attacked.


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  1. Mr Coughlin, like the Britsh political elite, advocates the entry of 80 million Muslim Turks into the E.U. for security reasons! How to drastically speed up the Islamization of the E.U! Fortunately, he does not speak for the majority of the E.U. people.

    And the Islamization of Turkey is not in doubt:

    'Jihadwatch' has-

    "Stop dreaming about the days when Turkey will become hyper-secular again. Those days are gone and Turkey’s Muslim identity is here to stay."