Saturday, 4 June 2011

Turkey to be Offer Role in Mid-East 'Peace Process' to Stop Mavi Marmara 2

Various newspapers are reporting that the US government is planning to offer Turkey some role in the negotiations between Israel and the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians in return for stopping the so-called peace flotilla that is due to arrive, or not, in Gaza later this month, one year after a similar flotilla led to violence that resulted in the death of nine rather aggressive Turkish 'peace activists' aboard one of the ships, the Mavi Marmara.

The Obama Administration may soon present the Turkish government with a proposition to stop the upcoming flotilla to Gaza and restore relations between Ankara and Jerusalem, Turkish daily Today's Zaman reported on Friday.

The offer, first reported by Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, would involve Ankara hosting peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, according to the report. The White House is expected to soon officially make the offer to Turkey.


The Turkish government, of course, has always claimed that it has no influence over the IHH flotilla, so it will be interesting to see how it responds to this overture.

In a sense, the proposal is rather extraordinary. Its implication is that national vanity is the main driver of Turkish government policy even in life-and-death matters of great international significance. But that would indeed appear to be an accurate assessment. After all, Turkey obstructed the NATO operation in Libya for a while and its primary motivation for doing so appears to have been pique about having been excluded from the Paris meeting that preceded the military action; after some soothing diplomatic words were uttered, Turkey seemed to abandon its recalcitrance. Nothing of substance changed. It was all about nationalistic vanity. Erdogan acted like some gangsta worried about his 'rep' or a street thug obsessing about his 'honour'.


  1. Hi.
    I don't believe a word of it, if the US administration was against the flotilla idea , then why allow an US vessel called 'the audacity of hope' take part in it.Just all make believe.

    PS: interesting clip.

  2. Meanwhile:

    "The Turkish Flag Flies Over Ghent"

  3. Thanks for the tip about the video. I've edited it down just to the bit about Erdogan and reposted it.