Sunday, 5 June 2011

Turkey Vetoes Former Austrian Foreign Minister as OSCE Head

Turkey has vetoed the candidacy of Ursula Plassnik, a former Austrian foreign minister and Austria's current ambassador to Paris, for the Secretary-Generalship of the OSCE. She was supported by around two-thirds of the OSCE members but, because the organisation operates by consensus, any country is effectively able to veto any candidate. The Turks resented her behaviour when Turkey's EU candidacy was first formally initiated; she was said to be obstructive and insistent that options other than full EU membership be explored.

The Austrian Vice-Chancellor claims that when Turkish president Abdullah Gül visited the country recently, they reached a mutual agreement that neither country would veto the other country's candidate for the soon-to-be-vacant position in the OSCE. This promise has clearly been betrayed, although the Turks are now denying that it was ever made.

Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger has called the move "improper and completely unjustified" and warned that it will cast a significant shadow over relations between the two countries.

Along with the Mavi Marmara incidents and its follow-ups, the row over NATO action in Libya, this is yet another illustration of the spectacular childishness of Turkish diplomacy. This is simply not a country that deserves to be a member of clubs designed for grown-ups, clubs like the EU, NATO or the OSCE.


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  1. if you are looking for a real childish behaviour, I suggest you go back to 2005 first and analyze Austria's absurd,racist reaction to decision to start the negotiations with Turkey. This was an agreed decision by all EU countries including Greece and Cyprus (South) who are all-time enemies of Turkey in political arena. So, what makes you different and superiror than the rest of Europe my friends? If you are superior indeed, why don't you exit the EU and leave on your own instead? Put to your brains that EU is a multi-cultural organization, not a place to satisfy your Nazi ambitions in the 21st century.