Friday, 24 June 2011

Turkish Military Rations Found in Libya

Rumours that Turkey has been continuing to trade with Libya despite the NATO military campaign against it have been circulating for some time. The discovery of recently-produced Turkish military rations at abandoned Libyan army bases appears to confirm the suspicions.

Turkey has dismissed a suggestion that it may be breaching United Nations sanctions on Libya after Al Jazeera reported that Turkish food rations were feeding forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The Turkish foreign ministry said on Thursday it has no knowledge of any Turkish company exporting food rations or any other supplies to the Libyan government since UN Security Council sanctions were imposed on March 17.

Among the supplies at three different bases, Al Jazeera discovered military rations which - according to their labels - were manufactured in Turkey.

The rations are produced by UNIFO, a Turkish company which specialises in portable rations and meals ready-to-eat, according to its website. Labels show that bread packets from inside the rations were produced in March.

In a statement issued on June 24, UNIFO denied any wrongdoing, saying that its products "can not be classified as military products" and that the company has "not made any sales contract with [the] Government of Libya".


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