Monday, 6 June 2011

Turkish Veto of OSCE Candidate Provokes Outrage in Austria

The Turkish veto of Austria's candidate to become Secretary-General of the OSCE, Ursula Plassnik, the former Austrian foreign minister, has provoked outrage across the spectrum of Austrian politics.

Austria's current foreign minister, Michael Spindelegger, has demanded a written explanation from the Turkish government. He also says that Austria will not simply accept the veto, but is maintaining Ursula Plassnik's candidacy. He has asked for a special session of the OSCE's Permanent Council to be called to discuss the matter. In relation to Turkey's EU candidacy, he added that Turkey's decision would not lead to euphoria, but rather the opposite.

The foreign affairs spokesman of the FPO, currently the largest party in Austria according to opinion polls, has called for the negotiations on Turkey's EU candidacy to be brought to an end; and the European Affairs Spokesman of the smaller BVO party, Ewald Stadler, agreed.

The Kleine Zeitung newspaper also published an article in which it declared that Turkey had shown it was not mature enough to be a member of the EU.


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  1. As an Austrian has once said "There are too many small countries in Europe":). And it is rather sarcastic that they think they should rule the world. The obstacle for Austria's being a power in central Europe again is surely not Turkey but is Germany who fills that space now. But small countries often rely on obsessive aggression in order to find a reason for the continuation of their existence. If you think Turkish culture should not be a part of the western civilization you can start by quitting coffee and cafe culture. Can you be without it? ooops there is some turk inside you too... You know what Americans say about Europe? Economic giant, political dwarf, military insect. Turkey is the cure.