Monday, 8 August 2011

Brutality of Turkish Police During Erdogan's Recent Visit to Cyprus

The Turkish Cypriot police are clearly shown here brutally attacking peaceful protesters. And these are their own people!


  1. Are these are the same Turks that complain about the legal blockades by Israel ? The same Turk people who lied about being attacked on the ship. The Turk liars who were waiting with steel bars and other weapons on so-called peaceful ship to Gaza ? The same Turks who rape and kill their own citizens. What else do we expect as non-Turks ?
    This is what the Euro Union wants as a member state ? Erdogan should clean up his own act first, before he lays blame on legal acts by democratic countries. He is someone who should be in the Hague in chains with a few of his friends. Most will end up there I am sure.

  2. Turkish brutality against Kurdish children

    Barbaric behavior of a regime that wants to help the terrorist group that controls Gaza.
    The world Should ask himself exactly how Erdogan's murderous regime acts against inocent children