Thursday, 18 August 2011

Turkish Football Player Justifies Violence Claiming he was Defending Islam

A brawl broke out towards the end of the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid football match last night. The Turk with German nationality, Mesut Ozil, was one of them. David Villa was another. Ozil claimed he was moved to violence because Villa had insulted Islam.
According to [Football.Fr] Real Madrid player Mesut Ozil was quoted, “I did this because I was defending my religion because David Villa insulted Islam.” refering to his actions against Villa at the closing minutes brawl at the Super Cup.

It appeared in TV video clips that David Villa hit Mesut Ozil first and the German international retaliated. The brawl was the reaction when Cesc Fabregas was tackled helplessly by Marcelo right at the closing minutes of the game as both bench emptied.

But Villa making offensive comments towards Islam isn't likely since his teammates Abidal, Keita and Afellay who are muslims and they play on the same team Barcelona.

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