Saturday, 13 August 2011

Turks Sacrifice Lamb Before Football Match

And then smear themselves in its blood. What a bunch of savages.
The bizarre stunt took place at the Sivas 4 Eylül Stadium and was captured by a dozen cameramen and photographers stationed around the animal.

Two of the Turkish team's officials appear to be holding the lamb down with one holding a knife in preparation for the sacrifice. A video taken by a bystander pans away before the incident takes place, but appears to give an indication of what is to come.

Players seemed to be quite casual about the whole thing and even went as far as to smear themselves with blood in an attempt to give them good luck before the game.

FK Rad club officials and players were reportedly left cowering in the tunnel as Sivasspor conducted the religious act.

Once players had basted blood on themselves, they carried promotional gift bags toward fans sitting on the opposite side of the stadium.

The home side went on to clinch the match 4-1.

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