Friday, 30 September 2011

Austria's Docile Descent into Dhimmitude

When they're feeling really, really bold, western politicians occasionally murmur about the prevalence of foreign imams in mosques. It's a barrier to integration, they say, having foreigners from countries with alien traditions in charge of religious affairs.

What, though, if the western governments didn't complain? What if they even hosted receptions to welcome the new religious officials coming from abroad? And what if this gratitude was effusively expressed even though the new sacerdotes were in the pay of a foreign government and didn't speak a word of the native language?

This is exactly what has just happened in Austria. The Turkish government in Ankara, through its Office for Religious Affairs (Diyanet) has just appointed 9 new religious commissars to be dispatched to Austria. There they will remain in the pay and under the authority of the Turkish government and will play a dominating role in the religious lives of Muslims living in Austria. Most of the mosques and Islamic religious organisations there are effectively controlled by ATIB (Avusturya Türkiye İslam Birliği), the Turkish-Islamic Union for Cultural and Social Cooperation, and, through it, the Turkish government. Austrian imams literally have their sermons written for them in a government office in Ankara.

However, the Turks have graciously agreed to undergo training in Austrian culture and have expressed a "motivation" to learn German! For this, the Austrian Foreign Affairs Ministry is deeply grateful. Its official statement reads:
In the "Socio-cultural training sessions", which will be held once per year in Vienna on the initiative of the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the new religious commissioners will be given tuition in the history, politics, society and culture of Austria. In this, themes such as democracy and the rule of law, religious pluralism and freedom of religion and conscience will be touched on, as well as questions relating to integration and participation in presentations and discussions.

The extent to which Austria has descended into dhimmitude and abased itself in front of these Muslim Turks is simply astounding. It's almost a reverse of 19th century imperialism when western powers would extract special "concessions" and privileges for their nationals in weak, oriental despotisms.

Source: SOS Heimat

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