Thursday, 8 September 2011

Jews in Turkey Prepare for Mass Emigration

Since the Islamic AKP party has formed the government in Turkey and its leader Erdogan has been president, relations between the former allies Turkey and Israel have degenerated rapidly - and the Jewish minority in Turkey is coming under increasing pressure. Especially in view of the current escalation and Ankara's open threats against Israel - while Turkey simultaneously makes threatening military gestures against EU member Cyprus - the almost 20,000 Jews living in Turkey feel ever more uneasy, anxious and threatened.

Many of the 20,000 Jews living in Turkey are seriously considering emigration to Israel. The member of the Knesset Danny Danon said on Wednesday that Israel must prepare for a massive Alijah (Homecoming) of Turkey's Jews.

"Turkey is trying to damage Israel, and we must be prepared for a further deterioration in relations, which could have a negative impact on Turkey's Jews", said the chairman of the immigration committee of the Israel parliament. "We need to set up a support hotline to prepare the Turkish Jews for their Aliyah," said Danon.

From Turkey it is reported that the increasing nationalism and strengthening Islamism have still not had an effect on the relations of the mass of the Turkish population with their Jewish neighbours - but anti-semitic groups and movements are speculating about a "boom" for their ideology and are expecting a further escalation in the tense relations between Turkey and Israel. It is unclear at the moment what connections individual groups may have with radical islamist terror organisations. It is known that some nationalistic islamist organisations in Turkey work with islamist terror organisations such as Hamas.
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