Thursday, 29 September 2011

WTF? Turkish Bureaucrats Now Shaping EU Policy

A memorandum of understanding for the secondment of Turkish officials at the European Commission is signed in Strasbourg on the 28th of September, 2011 by the Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mr. Egemen BAĞIŞ and Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Inter Institutional Relations and Administration Mr. Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ.

As agreed between Turkey and the European Commission, Turkish national experts will be employed at the Commission as "Seconded National Experts" and "National Experts in Professional Training". This recent development is a ‘milestone' for Turkey-EU relations since through this secondment, Turkish bureaucrats will work together with the Euroaucrats in policy making and implementation of the EU politics. In other words, Turks will have a role in shaping EU's future politics and legislation.

The network created in the corridors of the European Commission and other European institutions between Turkish bureaucrats and Eurocrats, will not only contribute to mutual learning and socialization, it will also remove misperceptions and misjudgments against Turkey's membership in the minds and hearts of some Europeans.

Only Geert Wilders and Barry Madlener of the PVV party in the Netherlands seems to have reacted to this extraordinary announcement.
Wilders: "Erdogan recently threw off his mask, and behaved like a common war-monger. The European commission has evidently lost its mind in letting in this islamic Trojan horse at this time and letting Turks co-write EU legislation to be implemented in the Netherlands. It is time to end once and for all this charade and tell the Turks they are not welcome in the EU. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever".

Madlener: "It is an outrageous scandal that, in a time when Turkey is a security risk in the region, the European Commission tries to hasten the accession of Turkey. Turkey has been occupying for decades now a large part of full EU member state Cyprus and recently has sent warships to the European outer border. Letting in these wolves in sheeps clothing is a tragic low point in the futile negotiations currently being held. Those negotiations should be ceased definitively and the commission should withdraw this idiotic plan".
Source: KleinVerzet

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