Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dutch Representative Denounces Turkey at OSCE Meeting

Remarks by Wim Kortenoeven, Dutch delegation to the OCSE conference in Dubrovnik, 9 October 2011 (meeting on security in the Mediterranean area).

Mister chairman,

I am addressing this meeting on behalf of the Dutch Party for Freedom.

As we speak, the peace in the Mediterranean is being threatened, by Turkish imperialism, by dangerous dreams to re-establish the Turkish Caliphate that was abolished in 1923.

We are witnessing the death of Kemalism, the positive ideology that transformed Turkey into a valuable, responsible and respected member of the international community.

But now, Turkey is sliding into the abyss of Islamic extremism and authoritarianism. This is visible on the inside and on the outside.

For instance: the freedom of speech in Turkey is increasingly suppressed. Many journalists have been jailed for speaking out. The Turkish cartoonist Bahadir Baruter is to be tried for renouncing Allah in a cartoon. He might get a year in jail for that.

Cyprus, a member State of the European Union, has been partly occupied by Turkey since the brutal invasion of 1974.

And now the Erdogan regime is turning Turkey into a predator state, a rogue state, that apparently also wants to seize the oil and gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean. Reserves that it does not own.

Threats are being issued in the direction of Cyprus. Strong Turkish military forces have been deployed on and near Cyprus.

Mister chairman,

Turkey, a member state of NATO, is also increasingly belligerent towards the Jewish State of Israel. Threats and baseless accusations are issued against Israel – ever more frequently. And provocations are rampant. Israeli freighters are harressed by Turkish warships.

Turkey also objects to Israel’s legitimate desire to drill for natural gas in its own exclusive economic zone. Turkish warships are backing up threats against Israel’s sovereignty.

A simple mistake in this combustible situation might spark a military confrontation.

Also troubling and dangerous are Turkey’s sympathy for the Hamas terror organization and Turkey’s attempts to undermine Israel’s legitimate right to supervise the maritime routes to Gaza.

Mr. Chairman,

The situation is extremely dangerous.

This irresponsible Turkish policy of threats, insults and provocations, this macho bellegerency, needs to be urgently adressed. As it is a clear and present danger to peace and security in the Mediterranean and even beyond.

Therefore, I urge you to ad this Turkish threat to peace and security to the agenda of the Winter session of the OSCE.

Thank you.

Kortenoeven later gave a brief description of the meeting and the reaction his remarks provoked.
Dear Editor,

Sorry for the delay, but I was ‘on the road’ until now. Yesterday afternoon in Dubrovnik, I delivered a speech at the OSCE meeting on peace and security in the Mediterranean (you received the text). I did not make friends with this. But it had to be said, As no reference had been made to the Turkish agression. And that is absurd, considering that the OSCE is dealing with peace and security in Europe.

All delegates were busy with the so called Arab spring and/or with bashing Israel. I was the only one referring to the Turkish agression.

And the Turks responded with villainous accusations against me (I had issued an ‘anti peace declaration’) and a vicious attack against Israel: shooting innocents in the head and in the back, point blank, on the Flottilla ship last year.

There was complete silence when I spoke and I got no applause. And a wave of resentment engulfed the hall after I had finished. And even my Dutch colleagues (of the ruling Christian Democratic Party) distanced themselves from me – publicly, in a very harsh statement. The world is in state of denial.

Best wishes,
Wim Kortenoeven,
MP, Party for Freedom
The Netherlands
Source: Tundra Tabloids

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