Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Turkish Group Behind Hack of Charlie Hebdo Website?

Last night the Charlie Hebdo website was hacked into, and their offices burned. The hackers left messages in English and Turkish. The French newspaper Le Point suggest a Turkish hacking group may be responsible. :
The cyber-attack which affected the Charlie Hebdo site last night, adding the slogan "Be God's curse on you! We will be your curse in Cyberworld!", was signed Cyber-Warrior TIM, a group close to Akincilar, an association of pirates based in Turkey and known for their "defacements", that is to say inserting images on websites to communicate a message. On, the group lists its own record of interventions: there are many Israeli sites there, like the Israel Wander Tour travel agency or Noble Energy, a petroleum investment company.
Source: Le Point

Noble Energy, of course, is the company involved in oil exploration off the coast of Cyprus.

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