Sunday, 6 November 2011

Turkish Hacker Group Threatens to Attack Libération if it Continues to Publish Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

In an interview with the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche, a member of the Turkish hacker group Alcincilar has threatened to attack the website of the newspaper Libération if it continues to republish Charlie Hebdo cartoons. After the firebombing of the Charlie Hebdo building last week, Libération allowed Charlie Hebdo's staff to work from its offices and republished some of Charlie Hebdo's cartoons in a gesture of solidarity.

A journalist from Le Journal du Dimanche interviewed a member of the group in an Istanbul cafe. The 20-year-old, an IT student, who is referred to in the article as "Ekber" but uses the pseudonym "Black Apple" online, claimed to be the one responsible for the hack on the Charlie Hebdo website.
"We don't think we have done anything wrong. It's not as if we were siphoning bank accounts. It's a protest against an insult to our values and our beliefs." But the young hacker immediately insists on dissociating himself from the Molotov cocktail attack that ravaged the newspaper. "Of course not, we don't support violence. Islam is a religion of peace..."

Akincilar claims to have hacked more than 6000 sites, including that of Penguen, a kind of Turkish equivalent of Charlie Hebdo, which published a cartoon deemed disrespectful of Islam. The artist who drew that cartoon is now being prosecuted.
But the majority of Akincilar's targets are more political than religious. Thus, hundreds of Israeli sites, especially those of Mossad, were captured after the Israeli attack on the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara in May 2010. Armenian sites, Kurdish media favourable to the rebellion of the PKK of Kurdistan… Or more recently the site of the American petroleum company Noble Energy, which is carrying out gas explorations off the coast of Cyprus, in a territorial zone that is disputed by Turkey.

"We are defending our country and our institutions", says Ekber. After Charlie Hebdo, the hacker promises they will keep an eye on the French press. "If Libération continues to publish these drawings, we will deal with them too," he promises.
Source: Le Journal du Dimanche

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