Saturday, 5 November 2011

Turkish Hacking Group Admits Responsibility for Charlie Hebdo Website Attack

A few days ago I posted about speculation that the Turkish hacking group AKINCILAR (means 'Ottoman raiders' in Turkish) may have been behind the hack of Charlie Hebdo's website. Yesterday the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur received a communication (in English) apparently from the hacking group group, declaring its responsibility. Besides acknowledging involvement in the Charlie Hebdo incident, it claims to have attacked many other websites, including American and Israeli ones, to avenge various perceived slights to Turkey or Islam. It denies any connection to the physical attack on the premises, however.

The statement is reproduced in full below:

First of all we are appreciated for giving us the opportunity to explain the reason to perform this attack. has been one of the best security platform in Turkey since 2001. Our platform has almost everything about informatics and security topics. We have an active attacking group named "AKINCILAR" that attacks other websites which is not suitable for our mission to protest them.

Our mission is that;

# Struggling the publications that attack our beliefs and moral values, contain pornographic and satanist materials which perplex innocent people.

# The publications that are opponent to Turkey, our religion, and the situations which influence society conscience (This is in the direction of our mission's general principle) are within the scope of the attacks.

# We provide consultancy about security and other technical details to the organizations, sites and groups that are broadcasting within the context of our mission without expecting any benefit. (This is valid for only Turkish websites for now.)

You can find other detailed information about our mission by visiting the link below;

The website named "" became our target because of its materials that affront our religious values. Because of the fact that it disregards our prophet, we put our protesting content on the website's homepage successfully. This is not the first attack for our AKINCILAR group. In the past we hacked many websites that target our religious values. To set some examples about the previous attacks made by AKINCILAR which have appeared in media;

- You may remember that there was a website named "" which was insulting our prophet by its comics. We hacked that website's domain, and you can still see our protest context on its homepage.

- We have hacked 1500 USA websites to protest the situation in which gunny bags were put on 11 Turkish soldiers' head in Iraq on July 4th 2003 by USA soldiers.

- Many popular websites that attack our religious values have seen our protest texts on their homepages.

- Thousands of pornographic and satanist websites were hacked by us.

- We hacked hundreds of Israel websites contain Israel navy ministry to protest the situation in which Israel soldiers have attacked Turkish aid vessel named "Mavi Marmara".

- After popular hacker group named "Anonymous" have attacked Turkish websites, we hacked their social sharing platform named " and many other websites that support this group.

- You can find some of the information about our attacks by visiting the link below;

All things considered it can be concluded that it is unthinkable that we are attacking the websites randomly. Many people think that hackers are bad people since they destroy other websites and platforms. However, we try not to harm the database of the websites that we hacked, and only put our protest context on their homepages. On the other hand, we as a security platform, censure harming innocent websites and other hacking attempts that are malevolent. We have never thought to attack other religions' values and will never think. There is a tolerance and respect to other religions in our religious principles. “And we always consider expressing our protest and anger about disrespectfulness to our sacred values on the relevant websites' homepages as a rightful and a good cause.”

NOTE: There is nothing to do with AKINCILAR about the assault with molotov coctail to the Charlie Hebdo Magazine building. We do not support any kind of attack that is performed such a violence.

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Thank you for the opportunity of the explanation.
Greetings from Turkey

AKINCILAR Group Leader
Web Security Expert
Sources: Le Nouvel Observateur AKINCILAR Statement

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  1. They also hacked my bathroom fitting website and changed my homepage which cost me money and business. Clearly there was nothing offensive on my pages (unless taps, baths and tiles are something that upsets you) nor was there any political content . . . . . . . just my little old business employing me and my apprentice so I find it very hard to believe that they are selective about who they hack.