Saturday, 18 February 2012

German Children Forced to Study Islam and Learn Turkish

German children in Bavaria are being forced to study Islam and even learn Turkish in their religion class. The photograph shows some of the teaching materials used. One sheet reproduces an Islamic prayer in German:
"I believe in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, in the Day of Judgment, and that Fate good and bad is given by Allah, and the life after death."

Another urges the children to learn Turkish so they can create a good atmosphere when they meet children of Turkish descent living in Germany.
Building language bridges

Although Arabic is the most important language for Islam, most Muslims in Germany speak Turkish. When you meet Turkish young people, by using a few phrases in their language you can contribute to a good atmosphere and mutual understanding.

It then gives German and Turkish versions of a few common phrases such as "Hello", "Goodbye", "How are you?" and the Islamic greeting "Peace be upon you", normally only used by Muslims to other Muslims.

Other texts urge the children to find out where their local mosque is and go there to have a look around.

Source: Via: SOS Heimat

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