Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More Turkish Colonists on the Way

In recent years, many European governments have grasped that the Muslims are using family reunification or marriage rules to bypass normal immigration requirements. Consequently, the rules have been tightened. In Austria, for example, prospective immigrants seeking admission to the country based on marriage or family reunification now have to demonstrate a basic knowledge of German. All of those efforts to limit Muslim colonisation have now been swept away by a decision of the European Court of Justice, at least in relation to Turks. The court ruled that Turks were entitled to be treated in accordance with the association agreement Turkey signed with the European Community decades ago. Any tightening of the rules since then has been invalidated. Since Austria joined the EU in 1995, Turks must now be treated in accordance with the rules in force then. That means goodbye German-language requirement. Germany is in a similar situation but, in its case, the applicable rules date from 1971. This is very bad news for Germany and Austria as most of the Muslim colonists there are Turks. Sources: SOS Heimat, Die Presse


  1. And even though Germany or Austria may be the first EU countries of entry for these Turkish immigrants, once inside the EU such immigrants are completely free to move to any other EU country.

  2. 'Money Jihad':-

    "Leipzig court confirms IHH funded Hamas"