Monday, 9 July 2012

Europe's Economic Woes Explained: No Turkey

The propaganda of the Muslims and their apologists grows ever more absurd. In this preposterous article in the Huffington Post, the presumably Muslim Zaman Stanizai argues that Europe's economic woes can be explained by the fact that it has failed to let Turkey into the European Union.
The Turks found an answer in the cause and clause of its European rejection and turned to the Muslim East where its economy thrives along with its many welcoming trade partners. Had Europe treated Turkey fairly and admitted it into the Union, its formidable growth engine would have pulled Europe out of such doldrums. Erdo─čan's prophecy at Oxford is coming true in suggesting that "Turkey represents a burden-relieving dynamic for the EU."
Not content with this absurd claim, he goes on to assert that Spain lost its superpower status because it kicked out the Muslims.
Europe's religious bigotry has also resurfaced in Spain, whose economy, like that of Greece, was saved by the EU's bank bailout, but where Muslim immigrants get targeted for the Spanish police "arrest and fine" quotas. Lest they forget that it was the Reconquista and Inquisition campaigns scaring away the best and the brightest that lead to the decline of Spain as a European superpower.
Source: Huffington Post

Of course this is nonsense too. The Reconquista, completed in 1492, ushered in the golden age of Spanish history.

But the propaganda keeps coming. And, in the public sphere, only the multicultists and the Muslims have a voice. Our dissent is confined to the fringes of blogs and comment sections. Even there, the truth is outlawed. I posed a comment politely disagreeing with the author on the Huffington Post site. Censored out.

It is, fundamentally, the practice of censorship that illustrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the left. Ideas that cannot survive strong dissent do not deserve to survive. It was the experience of censorship on the Guardian website that originally inspired my own transition from left to right when I saw perfectly reasonable comments come under the censor's scythe.

As a side note, I've noticed that the Huffington Post posts a lot of pro-Turkish propaganda. Isn't that weird, considering it's owned by a Greek?

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